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Gingerbread House Goes To The Dogs!

So what do you do when you are hosting a Halloween gingerbread house decorating party and one of your guests proclaims “I’m doing it all in dog treats!” ?  I was left speechless.  Wouldn’t you be??? Being a person who prefers to control things ( yes, I own up to this…let’s say…flaw), I already had […] Read more…

House made with cutters from

Halloween Gingerbread House

More and more people are starting to decorate gingerbread houses for Halloween. And what’s a better excuse to buy your Halloween candy early? :) There are so many color combinations now for Halloween, such as purple and electric green, red and black, but I went with the traditional orange and black.  Just like when I […] Read more…


Swamp Water

I colored my icing with Forest Green and then watered it down to a “flood” consistency.  I put it into a squeeze bottle and then started covering my board using an off-set spatula to spread it out.  I didn’t like the 1 tone of color, so I took another color called Avocado and dipped a […] Read more…

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