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2011 Gingerbread Decorating Party-Part 4

The day of the party has arrived!  I started making royal icing in the morning and putting it into tupperware.  With a party this big (16 houses) I knew I had to have a head start where icing was concerned.  Total # of batches of royal icing?  18!!!  My Kitchenaid really deserves some gold plating! […] Read more…


2011 Gingerbread Decorating Party-Part 2

With baking all my gingerbread ahead of time and placing the pieces in the freezer, I needed to stay organized.  Each container had a label has to what was in them.  I labeled by house type and piece type.  This is especially handy when you’re laying out your pieces. This is what the pieces for […] Read more…


2011 Gingerbread Decorating Party-Part 1

I’m hosting my 8th Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party this year, and this one is a doozey!  I have 16 people coming to decorate.  That’s a lot of gingerbread!  I sent out my invitations approximately 3 weeks before the party, and gave my guests a choice of what they wanted to decorate.  In the past […] Read more…