St. Bernard Gingerbread Dog House

The Northern California St. Bernard Cluster of 2014 came to town! It’s a weekend full of big beautiful dogs, ending with a dinner and auction, partially to benefit rescue. I was asked by a local breeder & friend if I could donate a gingerbread house to the cause. Since I love all big dogs, how could I say no??? Here is my contribution!


I used my Gingerbread House Cutter Kit, a fire hydrant cookie cutter and a St. Bernard cookie cutter, all available in my store.  And this is the Gingerbread Recipe I used.

With the gingerbread all baked,  I decided to go for a classic feel.  I wanted the dog house to have white siding, but all the “boards” needed to line up.  I accomplished this by lining all the pieces up and piped royal icing all the way across the pieces using a #124 tip in a continuous bead from left to right.  I then took a sharp knife and cut down in between the house pieces to separate them and get a clean edge on the royal icing.  While the icing was wet, I scraped out the area where the black opening was going to be.



After the white royal icing crusted up a bit, I flooded the opening with black royal icing.



I set the pieces aside to dry and started on the roof.  Taking red flood, I outlined the outside edges, and then added lines along the roof to give it some definition.  I let this dry for about 20-30 minutes.



With this icing set up, I flooded the sections of the roof with icing.  The result was a roof that looked like it had sections on it.



All the pieces were set aside to dry overnight.  The next project was the St. Bernard dog to whom this house belonged to.  I first flooded in his brown coloring and let it dry for about 20-30 minutes.



White flood icing came next.  I always make extras in case of boo boos!



After the cookie dried overnight, I added in detail and the face using black icing color mixed with a little of water applied with a small paint brush.

While all my pieces were drying, I starting working with some fondant.  I made a food bowl with kibble in it, a water bowl, a “relief” barrel and a tennis ball.


And a random fire hydrant cookie was made during the melay!!!  I forgot to take pictures of how I made it…sorry.  But I used red flood for the caps, and white flood for the rest of the cookie.  After the white icing was dry, I painted on some silver pearl dust mixed with some vodka.



The next day, everything was dry and ready to go, so it was time to build!  I first prepared my base that the house was going to sit on.  In this project, I glued 6-14″ cake boards together and finished the edges with a dog paw printed ribbon I found on Etsy.  Using royal icing, I assembled the house onto the base.  BTW- notice how the icing “boards” on the front and sides of the house line up???



I piped icing along each corner joint to finish them off, and for an extra doggy touch, I added mini Milkbone biscuits to the front roof line, and another dog treat is used as a focal point on the front.



Green grass was put down all over the board, using a large #234 tip.  I used Kelly Green from Wilton….it’s my go-to green that I just love.  I made sure not to go to the edges, because I didn’t want the bag that the house was going into to brush up against it, causing a mess.

While the icing was wet, I added the food bowls, fire hydrant, tennis ball, “relief” barrel and a couple of bones from my Halloween sprinkle drawer.    The dog found his home also!





Once dry, I placed the dog house into a clear bag and attached a bow to the top.  Thankfully, I had enough left over after using it on the base edges so that it matched.  I used 3 yards total for this project.



I was a wreck while transporting the house to the event.  I trusted my friend Carl to drive, so I could concentrate on getting ready to pitch a fit if he drove into a rut! :)  The dog house made it in one piece, my nerves not so much!  I heard it was a big hit at the auction, but I’m still waiting to hear how much it went for.  Yay Rescue!

Happy Gingerbreading! – Linda


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  1. Kim
    November 26, 2014 at 10:35 pm (3 years ago)

    Love this project! Such a unique idea for a great cause! I am also loving your whole site! Just getting into gingerbread this year, and am excited about the endless possibilities.


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