Easter Gingerbread Baskets

One of the reasons I love gingerbread so much is that you can use it for so many projects.  This year I made Easter Gingerbread Baskets!



Since I make cookie cutters, I was able to make a cutter set to make the baskets.  The set contains a cutter for the base of the basket, a cutter for the basket itself and a cutter for the handle.  You can also improvise at home, using a round cutter to cut out the center of the cookies, and freeform your handle.

Gingerbread Recipe

Start by cutting out 1 base cookie, 4 basket cookies with the centers cut out and 1 handle for each basket you want to make.



I dipped the cutters in flour to help with sticking.  The easiest way to get flour off your dough is to use a pastry brush and brush it away.  Remove the middle cut outs before baking.



Time to assemble!  So I have the handle, the base cookie and 4 basket cookies.  You can make the basket shorter or taller by subtracting or adding the number of basket cookies.



Place your base cookie on your work space.  Take your first basket cookie and apply a line of royal icing.  Royal icing is what will hold your basket together.

Royal Icing Recipe



Place the basket cookie on the base so that the decorative edges line up.  Do this for all of your basket cookies.



The last step is to add the handle using royal icing.  This can be done before or after you fill your basket with goodies.  I recommend decorating the handle before you attach it to your basket.



Fill with your favorite Easter goodies!





Happy Gingerbreading! -Linda

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  1. Mary Alvarado
    March 27, 2014 at 1:18 pm (4 years ago)

    Another cutter set for my etsy shopping cart!!!


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