Gingerbread House Goes To The Dogs!

So what do you do when you are hosting a Halloween gingerbread house decorating party and one of your guests proclaims “I’m doing it all in dog treats!” ?  I was left speechless.  Wouldn’t you be???

Being a person who prefers to control things ( yes, I own up to this…let’s say…flaw), I already had a vision of orange and black icing with splashes of red…you know, for gorey blood parts, on all of the gingerbread houses.  Dog treats were definitely NOT in my vision at all.  But it’s not like I can rip the dog treats out of his hand and say no….well, maybe I could have, but he probably would have taken me down! ;)

So here it is!  The house was decorated by my friend Jason with help from his wife Stacy. I was impressed with the finished product, aren’t you?? 


The majority of the treats used came from a cool bag of Trail Mix from Milk Bone, and the roof was done with the Alpo Snaps.  Additional chicken jerky and rawhide chews were used as well.


And for tools, they had to forgo the usual gingerbread house decorating tools.  While they did use a piping bag filled with black icing, instead of using knives and scissors normally used to cut candy to size, they had to go out to my garage for something a little more effective in cutting the rawhide chews.


And so it began!  Stacy put down the Milk Bone ground while Jason started working on the sides.


The peak of the house done with a doggy paw biscuit surrounded by rawhide chews.


The roof was done with Alpo Snaps.


And a pumpkin made out of sweet potato resting aginst a rawhide log stack.  Chicken jerky was used as window shutters.



So….sometimes it pays to lose a little control, wouldn’t you say? :)

Thank you Jason & Stacy!!

Happy Gingerbreading! -Linda

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