Rudy The 3D Reindeer

I’m having so much fun creating cookie cutters!  And Rudy is the cutest so far!   He’s going to be needing a gingerbread house to call home, so I better get right on that!



The cutter set contains 3 cutters: Rudy’s body, his left foot and also his right foot.  Because everybody knows that even if you cut a shape out and turn it over to bake, it just doesn’t look the same. :(



Items needed to re-create Rudy:

Royal Icing-Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, White & Black

Sanding sugars-Brown, White & Red

Royal Icing Eyes

Step 1: With dark brown icing, outline the head and fill in the antlers and ears.

Step 2: Flood head and body with light brown icing.  Also flood the feet if desired. Let dry.

Step 3: Using light brown flood icing, flood an additional layer on the inside section of the body and coat with the brown sanding sugar.  Then add his muzzle.  Let dry completely.

Step 4: Pipe on his red nose, and cover in sanding sugar.  Use white icing for his tuft on the top of his head and also cover in sanding sugar.  Add his eyes with a dot of icing, and finally pipe on his mouth.





Rudy would look perfect sitting on your desk for the season, or even on your fireplace mantle.

Happy Gingerbreading! – Linda

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