A Perfect Little Hostess Gift

Holiday season is upon us and many will be invited to the parties.  Question: how many bring Hostess gifts to thank your hosts?  And how many are tired of bringing a bottle of wine?  I think I have a solution for you, why not bring them something made from your own two hands?  Why not a mini gingerbread house??


Your gift will bring the wonderful smell of gingerbread into any home you visit this holiday season.


Or maybe you need a gift for your neighbor down the street or a favorite babysitter.


How about for that favorite teacher at your child’s school?  You can decorate the mini gingerbread houses in their favorite colors. The recipients will know that you made their gift from your heart, which will make it that more special.


I started with the Hugger House Kit found in my Etsy store.  I also cut out some small gingerbread men to go with the houses.  Here’s a great tip: when working with small cookies and/or small decorations, a pair of tweezers makes the placement of the decorations so much easier!


I cut out some additional gingerbread pieces for the mini houses to sit on, but if you’re going to wrap the houses, the bases should be reinforced.  For this I traced the base piece onto a piece of cardboard and cut the cardboard a bit smaller than the gingerbread.  I used royal icing to attach the two together. This is going to help keep the gift wrap from blemishing or breaking your bottom piece.  You can also place your mini house on a small decorative plate that you would like to give the recipient.


Now for gift wrapping!  I used a cake round as a template to cut out my clear gift wrap.  I found that I needed a round about 22″ across in order to have enough wrap up top to place a ribbon.  I used a twist-tie to temporarily secure it closed until I could get the ribbon tied on.  This works great when you don’t have that extra set of hands you need.


 These mini gingerbread houses are so easy to make, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE decorating them!


 So start making that list and get ready to share the gingerbread love!!

You can find my mini gingerbread house cutters here.

Happy Gingerbreading! – Linda


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