Halloween Gingerbread House

More and more people are starting to decorate gingerbread houses for Halloween. And what’s a better excuse to buy your Halloween candy early? :)

House made with cutters from gingerbreadhousecutters.com

House made with cutters from gingerbreadhousecutters.com

There are so many color combinations now for Halloween, such as purple and electric green, red and black, but I went with the traditional orange and black.  Just like when I decorate my own home, I like to keep my Halloween theme nice and cute instead of dark and scary.

This is the first time I added a bench to the yard, using my Bench Cutter Kit.  That mummy seriously needed a place to rest!

Gingerbread Bench Kit

The cookies in the yard are standing up with the help of my Cookie Kickstand.

Halloween Gingerbread House2

If a large house is too much, you can always decorate a smaller one to keep on your desk at work, or at home on your mantle.

Halloween Hugger House

Start mixing those Halloween colors!

Happy Gingerbreading! -Linda



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