Halloween Gingerbread House Decorating Party – 2013

I love me a gingerbread decorating party!  And Halloween is the perfect reason to start baking gingerbread early!!  Seriously, this is the party where the guys and kids are invited so it’s fun for the whole family.  This year it was on the small side, I only had to make 7 houses.


I used my Copper Gingerbread House Cutter Kit again.  It makes it so easy and fast when you’re cutting out multiple houses.  This year it took 4 batches of the No Chill Gingerbread Recipe to make all the house parts.  So with all the pieces baked, let’s start assembling!


I like to put all the side pieces up like an assembly line.  That way, by the time I am done with the last house, the first house is set enough to attach the roof pieces.


I always have a side table of candies and other gingerbread decorations.  Beware!  Some dogs who look innocent enough will swipe things from this table!


I made 1 more batch of gingerbread dough for all the trees, kickstands, paths, doors and fences.



 I love pre-made icing decorations.  Wilton has really been coming up with some cute ones.


This year I let the boys (my god sons Ryan and Johnathan) pick out the colors everybody was to use.  They even helped mix the colored icing.  Isn’t it wonderful that boys want to be in the kitchen??  They’re very helpful.  Their mother has trained them well!

We had black, orange, brown and electric green.


And here are the finished houses!






There’s always ideas to “steal” for your next house.  I think Frankenstein jumping into a pile of leaves is worthy. :)  My niece already stole the idea from my sister!


Happy Gingerbreading! – Linda

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  1. Barbara Greenwell
    October 24, 2013 at 6:22 am (4 years ago)

    These are awesome!


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