The Gingerbread Cutter Company

After 2 years of planning, researching, personal setbacks, equipment purchases and yes, even hairpulling…some of which is still going on…I have realized my dream of opening a gingerbread house cutter business!


After years of throwing gingerbread house decorating parties for Halloween and Christmas, I was getting tired of cutting out templates and using a pizza cutter to cut out my houses.  So I decided to make my own gingerbread house cutters out of copper.

After a couple different prototypes and lots of suggestions from anybody and everybody that would let me ramble on about gingerbread, I settled on a design and process that works for me.  And not that I am biased or anything, but I think they’re awesome! ;)  I only wish I had made them sooner for cutting out the 10 to 15 houses I do for each party.


But I wasn’t quite satisfied yet.  I also wanted to find ways to dress up the houses and allow each guest to personalize their house and yard a little bit.  I always have extra decorations for my guests to use, but nothing really original.  Mostly if they had an idea for something, they would have to figure out how to build it.

And people were tired of building pretzel fences, and trying to prop up yard decorations with gumdrops that were just too small at times. (Check out the Cookie Kickstand!)

But making small cutters out of copper was a pain in the you-know-what!  So I got to thinking… can I make small cutters any shape I want?  By using a 3d printer of course!  (See a video of my 3d printer in action here.)

At this point I MUST give a shout out to my computer guru Carl.  Without him, this business would not have gotten off the ground.   He has come to my rescue countless times.  Luckily for me, he loves making my ideas come to life by designing some of the more challenging cutters that are in the works.  (Side note: He’s not really allowed to touch the printer….that’s MY baby!)…okay, he has done a hardware swap on it, but with my supervision of course!!!



So now it’s official!  “The Gingerbread Cutter Company” is open for business!!

I am starting out simple, ( I can breathe easier that way) but will be adding new designs throughout the year. Because gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas you know. ;)



Happy Gingerbreading!-Linda




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