Easter Gingerbread House


So I failed to make a gingerbread house for St. Patrick’s Day like I had planned.  I had baked the pieces, even put the dang house together, but there it sat on my counter……undecorated.  And then March 17th came and went. :(  And obviously my motivation just went out the window.

So I packed up my shamrocks and various decorations in hues of green, and realized that Easter is right around the corner…..I mean, the house is already baked, right?  And there’s jellybeans and rabbits everywhere….and a cabinet full of sprinkles.  All I needed was a plan. (Note: even though it sounds simple, plans can be deceptively hard!)


I had been wanting to do a picket fence for awhile, and I thought an Easter house would be perfect for it.  I chose to make royal icing transfers.  Marian over at Sweetopia.net has a tutorial that you all should check out.

Starting with a template of the shape I wanted, laid on top of it a piece of transparency.  You can use something you already have in the house, parchment paper or wax paper, as long as you can see the template underneath.  Then spread a light coating of shortening on top of the transparency.  This helps the transfer release after drying.


I used the same technique for the windows.  The picture below shows the windows before adding the drapes.  I piped the white grids first, then added yellow flood icing.


Let the royal icing transfer dry for 24 hours.  To release them from the transparency, simply bend it and the transfers slide right off.  Whatever you don’t use, store away in an air tight container for future use.

With the transfers drying, I started decorating the roof.  I used slightly thinned out royal icing with a paintbrush, and rainbow sprinkles.


Using the paintbrush, I applied the icing to the gingerbread roof.  Notice that it is thin enough to paint with, but thick enough that it is not running down the roof.


And since I didn’t have much of a plan for this house when I put it together (several weeks ago :( ) I had to tip the house a bit while the sprinkles went on so they wouldn’t just run away!


So……at this point the house magically put itself together.  No lie!  The window transfers were put on by using a little bit of royal icing to glue them to the house.  The pathway appeared out of nowhere and smell suspiciously like pillow mints.  The door made out of fondant, just hung itself.  I think it got impatient waiting for me.  The flowers on the house look like maybe somebody used a star tip to create them.

Thank goodness I was able to at least put the grass down!  I needed to contribute something to this project. ;)

For the grass I used my most favorite green color in the world, Kelly Green.


I used tip #234 to create the grass.  I’m not gonna lie…..it takes practice using this tip.


While the green icing was still wet, I placed the bunnies, jellybeans and the fence pieces.


I so hope you enjoy this house.  And make sure to share photos of yours over on my Facebook page.

Happy Gingerbreading! – Linda

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