How To Assemble A Gingerbread House

Start with all your pieces laid out.

2 roof pieces
2 side pieces
1 front piece
1 back piece
4 chimney pieces

I’m using a cake board covered in heavy duty aluminum foil.  You can also use styrofoam, or even a cake plate.



Put a bead of icing down for the back side of your house, and set the gingerbread piece in the middle of the icing, so that there is icing on both sides of the piece.



You can use jars or cans to support your piece until you place the next piece.



The side piece is next.  Lay a bead of icing where the side piece will sit, and along the edges of the back piece where the side piece will have contact with it.  Now set the side piece onto the icing and up against the back piece.  Again, you should have icing on both sides of the bottom of the piece.  You should have no use for the jar or can anymore.



After you have done the other side, reinforce your joints on the inside with a bead of icing going from top to bottom.



The front of your house is the fourth piece that you assemble, again laying a bead of icing down, setting the piece, and reinforcing the inside corners with more icing.

Let the structure dry for at least 1 hour.



Time for the roof!  Place a bead of icing along the top of the gingerbread pieces.



Set one side of the roof onto your house.  It might slide a little, so you can either hold it in place for a couple of minutes or set something underneath the bottom part of the roof to support it.



Repeat for the other side of the roof.



Once the roof is complete, place a bead of icing along the middle seam.  This covers up any gaps and also strengthens the roof.



The chimney is the final touch.  It can be done when the roof is somewhat set, about 10 minutes.  It is easier to ice the pieces before setting them on the house.


Let entire house dry for at least 3 hours, overnight is better.  The icing is your glue, so you want it to be completely dry before decorating.  Congratulations!  You’re done!  Now you can decorate it!


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