2011 Gingerbread Decorating Party-Part 3

Place cards!  Instead of having post-its telling people where to sit, I went with edible place cards.  Made out of gingerbread of course!!

pcfinished I used the same gingerbread dough as the house, and used an oval crinkle edged cutter.

pcplain Using thinned royal icing that I put into a squeeze bottle, I piped along the edge of the cookie.

pcoutline I then flooded the inside area and let it dry completely.

pcflood To make things easier on myself, I used already made icing decorations that you can find in any store.

pcdecoration I attached the decorations with a dab of royal icing, and then added my guest’s name with an edible Foodwriter pen.

pcname2 I finished the place card cookie with dots of royal icing around the outside of the flooded area.

pcfinished I think it added a nice touch, and a lot of the guests actually placed it on their houses.


pcgroup These are great to do even for your holiday dinner.  I hope you give it a try.

Check out the decorated houses! 


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