2011 Gingerbread Decorating Party-Part 2

With baking all my gingerbread ahead of time and placing the pieces in the freezer, I needed to stay organized.  Each container had a label has to what was in them.  I labeled by house type and piece type.  This is especially handy when you’re laying out your pieces.


This is what the pieces for 16 houses looks like in containers.  I used Tupperware, Gladware, Ziplock, whatever was available in the house.  I placed pieces of wax paper in between layers of gingerbread.


I start the assembly process with covering all the table in plastic tablecloths.  It’s cost-efficient to get a roll of it, as it’s easiest to just roll it up and throw away after the party.


Next, I take my covered boards, which has a label on each one with the name of the person and what type house they have requested, and place them how I want my guests to sit.  If I have new people, I make sure I seat them next to decorating veterans.


Now it’s time to let all that gingerbread out and fill the air with its aroma!  This is where the labels are a lifesaver.  I just walk around the room placing pieces of each house design on the boards to await assembly.  Since I’m doing it the day before my party, if I’m missing any pieces, I can bake them that evening.

The basic house design laid out:


The church design laid out:


This year with so many houses, I had help.  My friends Carl & Mary donated their time.

Carl “installed” the stained glass windows in the churches.


And Mary started assembling the basic houses.


After a 7 1/2 hour day (I’m so not kidding!) assembly of 16 gingerbread houses is complete!


Stay tuned for the icing to fly!


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