The Dock

Time to assemble the dock.  I rolled out some gingerbread and cut them into thin strips, and as wide as I wanted the dock to be.  Using an exacto knife, I frayed the edges and added nail holes.  I then baked them.


The next step is to build the base for the dock, so I used the remaining 6 dowels that I had already prepared, and arranged them to the width that I wanted.  I glued them in place with royal icing, and then on top of the dowels, I place popsicle sticks.  Notice that the royal icing is brown.  I do this to match it to the gingerbread instead of having white icing everywhere.


I placed royal icing on top of the popsicle sticks and started placing my boards.


The finished dock.


I think this part came out really neat.  I love my dock!

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