Swamp Water

I colored my icing with Forest Green and then watered it down to a “flood” consistency.  I put it into a squeeze bottle and then started covering my board using an off-set spatula to spread it out.  I didn’t like the 1 tone of color, so I took another color called Avocado and dipped a paintbrush into the color, and then dotted the green water with it, then spread it out using the spatula.  It created the look I was going for.  While the icing was still wet, I added the gingerbread blobs and the pretzel log, along with everything else I wanted in the swamp water.


Part 1: Assembly of The Shack
Part 2: The Dock
Part 3: Turn A Pretzel Into A Log
Part 4: Keep Out Sign
Part 5: Cattails
Part 6: Gingerbread Blobs
Part 7: Swamp Water
Part 8: Halloween Witch

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