Halloween Witch

I wanted to add something to the roof of my shack, and I though a witch would be a nice touch. Again, just like the cattails, I had never done one before. I’ve pretty much stayed away from fondant, but I really didn’t have a choice! I started with making her body out of a rice crispy treat. I then used wire to form her legs and arms.


I covered her legs in black fondant, just using my hands to mold them and the shoes.  I then rolled out orange fondant for her dress.  I use some royal icing on top of the rice crispy to help the fondant stick.  I also took her arm wire out before putting on the fondant, but then replaced it after, and then added the orange fondant for her arms.


I rolled out black fondant and cut out a circular shape for her cape.  I attached it by adding water with a paintbrush to the orange fondant to make it stick.


I added her head using fondant that I had made by adding copper color to the white fondant.  Once it was rolled into a ball, I added impressions for her eyes and mouth, and added a nose.  I also added her hands.


Next came her hair.  I used yellow fondant and cut strips into the piece, and then twisted each strip.  I attached it to her head using water on a paintbrush.  I added a black hat.


I finished her off with adding a collar to her cape, polka dots to her dress, and giving her black eyes and black mouth using black color gel and a thin paintbrush.



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