When I decided on a swamp shack, I immediately thought of cattails!


 But I had never made them before, so I did a little research and this is what I came up with.  I started with a piece of wire and added green fondant to it, keeping it as thin as possible, knowing that I had to build the brown around it.


I then added brown fondant, and wrapped it around the green.


Next came the leaves.  Taking the same green fondant as the stem, I rolled it out thin.  I then cut a leaf shape, and inserted a green toothpick. 


To make it a little more believable, I shaped the edges and pushed them up, and on some of the leaves I added a bend to the top.


These are the pieces that I used to create a couple of groupings.


I let them dry overnight.  I grouped different pieces together and stuck them into my styrofoam.


So simple that I hope you give them a try!

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Part 3: Turn A Pretzel Into A Log
Part 4: Keep Out Sign
Part 5: Cattails
Part 6: Gingerbread Blobs
Part 7: Swamp Water
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