Assembly Of The Shack

After deciding on a Halloween shack, I made a template, or pattern to cut out the gingerbread pieces.  You can find it here.  It looks a little like an out-house.

After rolling out the dough and baking the gingerbread, assembly comes next.  Since it’s a swamp shack, it needs to be elevated off the board.  I accomplish this by using wood dowels, cut to 1 1/4″ lengths.  I then covered them in gingerbread and baked until firm.  I did 4 for the house and 6 for the dock.


While the supports were baking, I prepared my base using a 12″ round styrofoam and covered it with aluminum foil.


Next,  I assembled the house onto a cardboard base, covered in foil, that is the same size as the house.  I assembled the shack on the counter as opposed to on top of the dowels so that it would easier to put together.  I then let the house dry at least 8 hours.


I placed the 4 support dowels onto the base, using royal icing to glue them in place.


I took a piece of cardboard and placed it on top of the dowels and pressed down, ensuring that all the dowels were the same height before putting on the house.


Finally, I picked up the house and placed it on the dowels.  As you can see, I positioned the house so that it hangs off the back a little bit.


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