Halloween Project 2011

Halloween planning has begun!  Every year I have a Halloween gingerbread house decorating party, and I try to come up with a new design as often as I can.  I start by asking friends what they would like.  Believe me, there is no shortage of suggestions!  This year one person wanted a pyramid!   But I have to narrow down the list to what is feasible, and what design will hold up when it’s done in gingerbread.   Another important consideration is can I mass produce the design?   Every party I make roughly 12-15 houses.   When you’re making that many, you can’t get bogged down in details.   If there are certain design elements that you would like to do, then try it on your proto-type, keeping in mind that you will find out what’s feasible and what’s not when you’re constructing everybody else’s house.

The theme this year…….a haunted swamp shack!  My friend Kurt came up with the idea, and my friend Randy helped with some construction issues.  If you notice…..they’re guys!  And they like doing these things.  And this is precisely why I have a Halloween party, so that the guys can come to this one, instead of the Christmas party.

So many decorating ideas came to mind after the design decision was made.  Since it’s a swamp shack, there has to be a swamp!  So the house has to be elevated, but how?  What foliage can I use to create the scene?  What kind of things do I have sticking out of the water?  What kind of base do I put it on?  The list can go on and on.  But the first step is the template.  So I’ll get started on that and go from there, posting my progress.  Hope you stay tuned!

Part 1: Assembly of Shack
Part 2: The Dock
Part 3: Turn A Pretzel Into A Log
Part 4: Keep Out Sign
Part 5: Cattails
Part 6: Gingerbread Blobs
Part 7: Swamp Water
Part 8: Halloween Witch

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